Head To Tonto Village For The Old Cookie Shop Tryouts


Spring has sprung in Tonto Village.

I have seen the first of the hummingbirds come to feed last week. I only have one feeder up so far, since I have only seen three at one time at the feeder. There are tiny little seedlings popping up in my planters, just waiting for the warmer days to grow tall.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, except for the snakes. There was a snake sunning himself in my back yard that scared me silly.

I hate snakes of any kind. My neighbor, Pam, had a book with the kinds of snakes and this one was a garden snake. But the other kind are out, too. The kind that are poisonous, so be careful. They are coming out of hibernation to get warm.

Hellsgate Fire District

Don't forget the open house at the Tonto Village Station #22 on April 5. The hours will be from 2 to 5 p.m.

Free burgers will be provided by the Fireflies.

The new fire trucks and the new equipment will be on display.

On April 6, from 9 a.m. to noon, the staff at the Mead Ranch Fire Station will hold their open house and firewise event with a free breakfast.

The theme for both events will be firewise.

There will be firewise information available for homeowners, and they will be able to sign up for a free firewise assessment which will provide information to help make their home more able to survive a wildland fire.

This is a no-obligation assessment performed by firewise assessors for the Hellsgate Fire District.

Brush dumpster

I hope that you took advantage of the dumpster that has been across from the Tonto Village Fire Station. The dumpster was at the station until April 2. If the response was satisfactory this time, another date can be arranged. This dumpster was for brush, tree trimmings, needles, leaves, etc. No trash is allowed, no plastic or lumber is allowed.

Play tryouts

There will be a new melodrama this year, sponsored by the LDS church in Christopher Creek. The title is "The Old Cookie Shop or Nellie Was a Baker Cause She Needed the Dough." The setting is in the 1880s in a cookie shop.

Pamela Stevens, who has directed a few of the plays in the past, will direct "Cookie Shop." She has a fantastic sense of what the scene needs.

Most importantly, are the tryouts at 7 p.m., April 8 and 9 at the LDS church in Christopher Creek.

So many of the players and behind the scenes people come from Tonto Village and Christopher Creek.

There is an added advantage this year because of a reorganization of the wards, Star Valley is now a part of the ward in Christopher Creek.

So, mark those dates on your calendar and be ready to take a part in this wonderful tradition.

Birthdays, anniversaries

Bonnie and Hank Peters of Tonto Village I, will celebrate 45 years of marriage on April 6. What a milestone. How wonderful to hear of marriages lasting almost a half century. Your life together is an inspiration to us all. Happy anniversary.

Eileen Kittock will add another candle to her birthday cake on April 7. Eileen hails from Christopher Creek but she comes to Tonto Village Chapel every Wednesday afternoon for dominoes. Enjoy all the love and affection that comes your way on your day. You deserve it!

Pool results

The Double D's nine-ball tournament that is played every Tuesday by the gals from the Village and from Christopher Creek got together last week. Ethel Cain shot for first place. Margaret Stasney and Judi Tolle came in second and third.

Remember that there will be a chili cook-off this month, get those recipes out and practice, you may become a winner.

I will announce the date in a future column.

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