Not Happy With Tax Notice Response



On receipt of my Gila County tax notice of value for 2009 I could see right away that the Limited Property Value (LPV) took a huge jump in value.

I figured that this was and is exorbitant and uncalled for; so, I wrote a letter of protest to our county assessor Mr. Hom.

His office was quick to answer my letter, but the answer was a kind of slap-in-the-face reply. A long letter of why what theyid wasegal and a form for "petition for review" was enclosed.

I would guess that the cost of gathering all the information to complete the petitionorm and getting to a meeting of the county assessor would exceed the extra tax costs. I'll bet that Mr. Hom and his staff were laughing as they assembled the material for their reply to my protest letter. I hope that at the next election I can have the last laugh.

CW Smith

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