Can't The Town Produce Its Own Master Plan?



I keep telling myself that this will be my last letter to editor and then something comes along like last Friday's Roundup article about the Parks Board wanting to spend95,000or a consultant for a master plan. You could build another park for $95,000. At the current rate of $1,200 per unit impact fee, that is the revenue from 79 new homes to cover the plan.

Doesn't anyone in the Planning and Zoning Department (notice the irony of the name)r in the Engineering Department know how to produce a plan? It's just like the town's legal department constantly spending big dollars to farm out their work to other law firms .

Impact fee (tax) of $15,000 on each new housing unit! No wonder there is no low income housing in town. That is 10 percentf a $150,000 home.

Come on, Payson! Just use some of your own employees and some common sense and save us $95,000.

Ted Paulk

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