Company Helps Realize Dream Of A Log Home In Mountains


Charles Collins, owner of the Rim Country's Whispering Pines Log Homes Distributor, can help anyone realize their dream of having a cabin in the mountains.

He is doing it himself. He built and is now living in a log home in the mountains in Pine.

"For many years, I dreamed of building my own log home," Collins says on his company's Web site, "This is the way our forefathers lived. They made their homes from logs, put together by hand. But now with the technology we have, it's a lot easier. We never get tired of coming in the front door of our log home. The warmth and richness translates to everyone who comes into our home.

"After researching many other log home companies, I realized Real Log Homes was far beyond their competitors as far as quality is concerned. Real Log Homes has been in business since 1963 and they have challenged the test of time, and are still progressing and improving their product."

Collins coordinates sales in the area for Real Log Homes of Missoula, Mont. These homes have a non-chinking, insulated building process that makes them airtight, he said.

Real Log Homes is one of the oldest names in the log home industry. It is dedicated to designing some of the most unique log homes in the world - durable, comfortable, elegant log homes with an easy sophistication. Real Log Homes has an experienced design and manufacturing team with more than 45 years of time-honored craftsmanship and exceptional personal service, Collins said.

The Real Log Homes brand product line began with one man's vision of a home that blended harmoniously with the countryside, Collins said. Jesse Ware handcrafted the first Real Log Homes out of a stand of white pine trees in Hartland, Vt. in 1963. A model log home he constructed became a local landmark and generated many sales. The company has since grown to become the leading pre-cut log home brand in North America. Today, there are licensed manufacturing facilities in Vermont and Montana and a network of

"I, as a project manager, will help any home buyer coordinate all phases of construction, from the beginning to end," Collins said.

"You have a piece of property and want to build a log home," Collins said, explaining the process. "Some of the first questions you ask are: Where do I start? Who do I use for construction? How do I avoid mistakes? That's where I come in. I want to be your consultant. I will make your dream come true."

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