Highway 87 Could Reopen To Almost Normal Travel In A Month

May 22 possible date for two lanes of travel north and south


If all goes well, Highway 87 could be open for two lanes of travel in each direction in a little over a month.

"Our goal is to get southbound lanes on Highway 87 open as soon as possible and maybe have two lanes both north and south open by May 22," said Bill Williams, public information officer with the Arizona Department of Transportation.

That would mean the highway would have been restricted to one lane in each direction for a little more than a month.

The landslide occurred on March 21 closing the highway for six days.

He said ADOT may have to put two crews on 10-hour shifts to accomplish that.

ADOT is doing its own soil research and analysis to determine how to best perform needed repairs and make the highway safe for travel, Williams said.

"Geotechnical crews are monitoring the site of the landslide and are drilling and taking soil samples to determine qualities so we can decide what needs to be done," he said.

He said crews are still excavating earth from the site close to milepost marker 224 near Sunflower where a landslide occurred.

He said ADOT is taking the leadership of the regional headquarters for the U.S. Forest Service on a tour of the landslide site tomorrow to determine how to replant and reseed the site and discuss how to best repair the slope.

Replanting and reseeding the hillside will help stabilize it.

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