Strawberry Creamery Helps Feed Needy Rim Country Children


What's a kid to do when hunger strikes home? Easy, get another kid to feed him.

The Ranch at Fossil Creek in Strawberry does just that.


Sheri Ashton from Walnut Creek, Calif. with daughters Sierra and Sedona are playing with the goats from the Kids Feeding Kids program at The Ranch at Fossil Creek. Owners and operators John and Joyce Bittner put it together to help needy children in the Rim Country.

Both children and adults (but mostly children) can feed baby Nubian and Alpine goats at the ranch for $5 a carload.

The neat thing is that while the children bottle-feed milk to the goats, they are also helping feed needy children in the Rim Country.

Kids Feeding Kids is a program The Ranch at Fossil Creek owners and operators John and Joyce Bittner put together to help needy children in Rim Country.

"Well I guess it all came from our grandchildren," Joyce said.

She said that looking at her grandchildren and then looking at other kids not as fortunate inspired the idea; that along with needing help to feed all the baby goats they now have.

"They (Nannies or female goats) start kidding (giving birth) in the spring and we have a lot this year," she said.


Jayme King, with Fox Channel 10, tries his hand at milking a goat at Fossil Creek Creamery. King was at the creamery Thursday, April 3 to film a segment for the Valley-based news channel.

The kids (baby goats, not children) are available for adoption as well, the Bittners said.

The ranch is located at 10379 W. Fossil Creek Road in Strawberry.

To get there, take Highway 87 to the Fossil Creek Road turnoff at the Strawberry Lodge.

Turn left (if driving north, right if driving south) and drive about three miles until the pavement ends and then go about another half mile until The Ranch at Fossil Creek sign appears on the left side of the road.

Then just pull in and park, pay the $5 for the carload and start feeding, but be careful, the goats are not shy when it comes to demanding food.

"You have to be careful because when the baby goats want food from their mom they nip at her cheek and bump her with their heads," said 8-year-old Tyler Zimmerman.


John and Joyce Bittner own and operate the Fossil Creek Creamery at 10379 W. Fossil Creek Road in Strawberry.

"They do the same to people when they are hungry," he added.

The Bittners sell items such as goat cheese, chocolate and peanut butter fudge as well as beauty products like goat milk soap out of the Fossil Creek Creamery at the ranch.

Joyce said most of their business comes from restaurants like Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix and Gerardo's Bistro in Payson, but they welcome sales to the public.

The Bittners have been operating the creamery since 2004.

To contact the creamery or the Bittners, call (928) 476-5178, or email at goatfudge2004@yahoo.


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