Who's Walking Who?


Sylvia Perkes encourages her dog Darla to have some water after their Walk-a-Hound, Lose-a-Pound 5K run at Green Valley Park, Saturday, April 5.

Perkes finished third in the race and Darla, a border Collie, didn't seem too winded at all.

Michael Rose, master of ceremonies at the Walk-a-Hound, Lose-a-Pound 5K walk/run event instructs the runners and walkers before the start of the race. And they're off.

Leading the pack is Adriana Barns and Tanner, front and center, Sylvia Perkes and Darla, on the right,and on the left is Ted Lucas with Bo. Barns finished second, Perkes, third and Lucas fourth.

Those who wanted to participate but didn't have a dog were "loaned" a dog for the event courtesy of the Payson Humane Society.

Mark Smith crosses the finish line in first place with his three friendly dogs; Major, Dakota and Juneau. Smith usually runs with his three dogs everyday, so this day was pretty much the same to his four-legged friends. They were happy to quench their thirst at the end of the Walk-a-Hound, Lose-a-Pound, 5K walk/run event.

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