‘Alternate Route' Is A ‘Bypass'



"A Rosey any other name..."I found itnteresting that STAC believes that changing the name of the bypass to an alternate route would satisfy the opposition.
Who it is that supports a bypass?It seems that much of the support comes from the retired segment of our population.The highraffic on busy weekends in the summer, is an inconvenience.I wouldgree.My solution is to stay off of the highway.

Who it is that opposes a bypass?It seems that much of the business community has concerns.These are the people who depend on walk-inustomers for their livelihood.any of them need the busy summer traffic to survive the slower periods of the year.My inconvenience is not more important than the survival of their business.

I have read that the solution to protect theusinesses was for Payson and Star Valley to annex the area and zone it for non-commercial use.That seems short-sighted.What one council can limit, another can expand.You cannot control everything, forever.What if - both towns do this andater, aouncil in Star Valley looks atimited sales tax revenue and sees an opportunity?If they changed the zoning, along the bypass, to commercial use;aybe a nice motel and restaurant, a gas station with mini-market and fast-food establishment will locate to that area and supplyevenue to the town.What if - a savvy investorevelops the same facilities in Rye or Little Green Valley?

I have read that the solution is to market the local area as a destination location.Payson has been trying to market itself as a destination location for a long time, with limited results.Payson is not like Yuma.We are one hour into the trip, not hours and people are notired of traveling by the time they get here.

I would like to see a poll of local businesses.Two questions:Do you support a bypass?Would you if it was called an alternate route?Ask the owners of the motels, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, mini-markets, fast-food establishments and casino.

Mike Foil

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