Disappointed By Decision To Cancel Games



I am a fifth grade student who loves to play soccer. I am very happy to have a parks and recreation department that is supportive of soccer. More than 500 students signed up for recreation soccer this spring so it's clear that this is a very popular sport in Payson.

I was disappointed by the recreation department's decision onednesday, April 9 to cancel some of the games scheduled for that day because of the weather. A rainstorm began at about 4:15 p.m. and had mostly blown over by about 5:45 p.m. The games for the younger teams were canceled but the seventh and eighth grade teams were allowed to play.

I think the parks and recreation department should have assessed the situation every hour before deciding to cancel all the games scheduled for the south soccer field.

It was very frustrating to know that my game was canceled but the seventh and eighth grade games at the same park, at the same times were not canceled.

In the future, I hope that the parks and recreation department will choose to allow all scheduled games to be played unless lightening is too close by. All the games should either be played or canceled no matter what the age of the players. If the weather is safe for some, then it is safe for all. Most soccer players enjoy the added challenge of playing in rainy, muddy or even snowy conditions.

I am very glad that the parks and recreation department will be rescheduling the canceled games and I hope they will take my suggestions into consideration.

Karen Williams

Puma Fifth/Sixth Grade Soccer Team

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