No Reason For Pswid To Exist



Now that the recall of the PSWID members has run it's course, I would like to ask one simple question. Why does the PSWID even exist? No, I understand their published "Mission Statement" and I am fully aware of how they evolved from the original board to the tax funded governmental entity that they are today. I simply question their reason for even being. With all the tax revenue at their disposal, what can anyone point to that PSWID has done to provide one drop of water into theystem since their inception?

I do acknowledge and appreciate all the involvement of those, either elected or appointed, to the PSWID board over all these years. But again, what can they point to that has shown a demonstrable positive effect on the water situation in these two communities?

The water services in these two communities are provided by privately held companies (BUI) or subdivision HOAs, or individual private wells, or those who live in the "Old platt" of Pine and get their water via Pine Creek watershed. The company (BUI)s regulated by the Arizona Corporation Commissionia the Arizona Constitution,s to the conduct of their responsibility/service to the communities they have been given franchise over. What role does the PSWID even have in all that?

Can we bring our complaints to them (PSWID) about inadequate service by BUI?hey (PSWID) have no power or authority to take actions against BUI to correct the deficiencies. That role falls to the ACC. They (PSWID) levy and spendax money on "exploration of new water" and if they find it then what? Sell it to the private waterranchise for cents on the dollar when it was the private water company (BUI) who should have been responsible for maintaining the adequacy of the water resources necessary for the service areas they are charged with in the CC&N's? Or as in the current K2 issue, they (PSWID) subsidize the private company (BUI) via tax funds as an incentive to do what the BUI should have done of their own responsibility and volition. The "carrot on a stick" approach.

It appears to this resident that the purpose of the PSWID is simply another unnecessary bureaucratic entity thate taxpayers could fairly do without. Until such time as the residents of these two communities make the concerted commitment in both effort and money to get local control of their very vital water resource, then I see little reason for the continued existence of an entity such as the PSWID and our continued tax support of their fruitless machinations.

Ronald Hamric

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