Parents Need To Control Children On Motorcycles



I was wondering if there is anyone else that is tiredfhe extremely loud and fast motorcycles in Mesa Del?

Apparently the parents of these kids think that it is alright to drive up and down the residential street going at least 50 mph and popping wheelies. It is illegal and should not be allowed.

We have young children that play on this street and cross to play at each others houses, and you can bet that the motorcyclists don't think about them when they are speeding down the road. We have asked them to slow down and they laugh and do it all the more.

Oh, what a price to pay living in Mesa Del with no law enforcement when you need it. I did call the sheriff and they came out, but no one was home when they arrived.

Hopefully they can come back when the parents are home. I sure hope it doesn't take some child getting hurt to wake these kids up.

Can't everyone respect the rights of others to live in peace and quiet and a safe environment?

Oh, we have a motorcycle too, but it's not a toy, you see, we are adults.

Barbara Ernst

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