Punishment Should Match The Incident



I read the article about the 12 adults cited for underage drinking on March 30.

I happen to know a few of those people who were at that party and cited for underage drinking. One of those people who happenedo blow twice and the first time blew a zero and the second time blew barely perceptible amount of alcohol and is being punished in the same fashion as those who blew a very high percent of alcohol.

This law is one that should be studied because its teaching underage drinkers "Hey if we get busted for having one shot and get in the same amount of trouble as those who drink 10 shots why not just get hammered".
Thisould be a dangerous situation. I'm not saying that its OK to drink one or two shots and not get in trouble. What I'm saying is punish each individual to an extent, but don't give the same punishment to everyone.

Jordan Bane

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