Shelby Students Take A Field Trip


Put 15 students and a handful of teachers and alumni in four vans and send them to San Diego for four days? Sound like a good idea? Definitely.

How about staying in three townhouses a stone's throw from the beach, two blocks from Belmont Park and its historic roller coaster? Even better.


Shelby School students and some teachers took a field trip to San Diego.

Long excursions down the beach, day passes for the rides at the park, beach volleyball, skim boarding, cookouts, shopping. That's just the first day.

Try on Sea World next -- all day -- soaking up the sunshine and getting drenched by Shamu. So many rides and thrills, not to mention all the input from Sea World's experts, trainers, and exhibits about the ocean's inhabitants. Decidedly a field trip to remember.

For some students, this trip afforded them their first chance to swim in the sea. It was so cold, but most stayed in for a long time, past the sunset. Now don't get us wrong, this trip was strictly educational.

The students learned the rapid effects of the sun on skin, about the power of centrifugal force on the human body on the "Chaos," and about just how many gallons of water an Orca's tail can dump on you.

On the way home, all the students took a vote. Next year, a longer stay at the bay.

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