Know Your Server


Tasha Rivas, server - Pizza Hut
113 S. Beeline Highway • (928) 474-1100

How long have you worked at Pizza Hut? One year.

What thought gets you through a day on your feet? I have awesome co-workers; they keep the place going.

Describe your favorite customer: A couple used to come in on Tuesday nights and meet their friend for dinner. I called them the "three musketeers." The lady liked medium crust Supreme pizza, so I always tried to have that for her.

Most embarrassing moment/worst spill? Honestly, I have never spilled anything, but I have dropped plastic cups on the floor and they make a loud noise when they hit.

What is always in your refrigerator? Pepsi

Hobbies: Playing basketball, going to the movies and hanging out with my friends.


Book: "Flowers for Algernon"

Team: Phoenix Mercury

Movie: "A Walk to Remember"

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