Nim's Island- Teen Review

Characters, setting make a great story


Nim's Island is a story about stories. It is the story of Alex Rover, a lively fictional hero who is forever trying new things. It is the story of his writer, the real but no less interesting Alex Rover. It is the tragic story of Emily, who is lost at sea during an expedition to investigate the contents of the blue whale's stomach. Her husband, Jack, continues her story as best he can as a scientist, "living in the shadow of a volcano." Mostly, however, the story is about Nim, the daughter of Emily and Jack.

Nim lives on a beautiful island in the South Pacific, where she spends her days gardening, training the local wildlife to play soccer, and helping her father conduct scientific research. When Jack leaves on an ocean expedition, Nim is not worried. She has her pet seal and iguana, and she has an international author named Alex Rover to e-mail for advice.

Alex Rover may be of limited help, though, as she has issues of her own. She is trapped inside by her own fears with only the hero Alex Rover for company.

Nim's Island is probably quite the change from Jodie Foster's recent action films, but her foray into family films has been successful.

Foster is clearly having a grand time with this character. She is a reclusive author with a bad case of writer's block. Jodie Foster plays her perfectly in an eccentric, but believable, way.

Foster is not the only successful actress of Nim's Island. Abigail Breslin plays Nim, showing off her growing versatility with this children's adventure film. Gerard Butler, recently of P.S. I Love You, once again plays an absent character. He is now a daring adventurer, Alex Rover, as well as Nim's scientist father, Jack.

The two Alex Rovers, Nim, Jack, Fred the Iguana, and Nim's island itself make a great story. The story was originally a book by Wendy Orr, but is now a "major motion picture." While I am sure that transformation would also make a great story, the one most accessible to your family will be the movie. Be a hero in your own story, and take a family trip to the movies for Nim's Island.

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