Anyone Missing Some Lattice?



At approximately 4 p.m. on April 14, I came upon a lot of lattice strewn upon Highway 87, by the Southern Baptist Church.

I went home, came back with a shovel and broom and cleaned it up. About 500 cars went by and one person, named Bob of Bob Lee's Tree Service with rake in hand helped me immensely. It was great to have some help. This is what happens when people don't tie their loads down.

The lattice board looked new. I took it all home, came back the next morning and cleaned up the small piles. A lot of it had been run over and it was strewn all over three lanes. So, please, whoever it belongs to -- let me know, or I'll use it for firewood. Otherwise, if anyone else wants it, please let me know.

One good thing about it all, I met a new friend, Bob Lee.

Bob McCrocklin

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