Police Should Not Have Shot Woman



Yes, I'm writing about Jacque Rosholm. I think her being such a successful businesswoman and a veterinarian for most of her life, that such a terrible thing has happened to her -- everybody better stop and think, it could happen to them. Everybody gets down once in a while.

Even if she had a gun and wasn't herself, I think the police could have shot her some place else, like her shoulder, hand or leg, besides her head. That's a kill shot. I hope the two policemen that shot her will never forget it.

I've been a friend for years, and know her family well. I feel sorry for what they are going through and we can't believe what has happened to her. We will only know what really happened when Jacque wakes up, and she will. As I do and Jacque does, we believe in God. It will take time, but it will happen.

People need to stop and think, this could happen to one of your family members. It's so hard to believe this happened in our little town. I hate reading articles about her dying and such terrible things about a very nice lady. We all have our ups and downs in life. So I hope people will stop and think about it all.

Sandra Stokes

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