Springtime Means Turkey Hunts


Springtime in the Rim Country is especially significant to a unique fraternity of outdoorsmen who enjoy calling in the male wild turkey called the gobbler.

He may sometimes be called "old longbeard" because of the extended hairlike feathers coming out the front of the chest.


Hunters will be taking to the fields for the upcoming turkey season next weekend.

The longer the beard, the more mature the bird, where 10-inch beard on a gobbler means he has outsmarted a number of spring turkey hunters over the previous seasons and could very likely tip the scales near 20 pounds.

Another telltale sign of a mature bird is the size of his spurshich are located on the back of hisoot. one-inch spur is also an indication of a healthy tom.

If you are one of the fortunateunters who will be taking the field starting next weekend, get ready for someeal exciting early morning adventures.Being in the woods before first light, waiting for that pale pink eastern sky to trigger a "good morning gobble" can only make that cup of coffee taste just a little bit better.f a bird is located, the hunt is on.

This process can be made more effective by being in the woods the previous evening and listening for "old tom's" last gobble of the evening.n hunter's terms this is called putting a turkey to bed for the next morning's hunt.

Once the bird is located, it is important to get set up to call the bird to you from his roost tree and not be too close to scare the bird which could fly down in another direction.

Some hunters are quiet enough to set up within 100 yards of the tree, but because I have two left feet in the gray morning light, I may be as far away as 200 yards with the hope I can still call him in.

In the quietness of the morning, it is possible to hear the wings of these big birds as they fly down to spend their day on the ground, roaming the woods for food and hen turkeys.

By this time, one should be set up with the base of a tree as a backrest and a wide range of shooting angles within your vision. The field of vision should go out to 40 yards, if a shotgun is your choice for a weapon.
I might add, there are a growing number of archery hunters who are teaming up with another person who may be doing the calling to get that perfect shot within that 20-yard radius.

Another trick is to place a decoy or two within that archery rangehichay focus the gobbler's attention on the available female population.Remember, old tom's eyesight is extremely keen, and he can see the slightest motion, so be ready to pull that trigger or touch that release when he presents the right shot.

Being in the woods and hearing the wakeup call of a wild turkey on a springtime morning is a very simpleleasure.his is an opportunity we have living in the Rim Country, so this weekend, enjoy God's creation, the great outdoors.

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