Trout Take The Bait In Tonto Creek


One of the things I like about springtime and April is the stocking of fish, started by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Last week, my husband and I tried our luck at Tonto Creek. The waters were really rushing, so it was tough keeping a line in one place.

I got lucky and caught a 13-inch trout even after my reel handle fell apart!

I brought that fish in with my hands tied around the fishing line. That one was not going to get away from me! Actually, except for that one fish, it was not a very good time to go fishing.

The water is too swift. We will keep trying though, all through the summer.

The residents of the Village are busy getting ready for another season of gardening.

As I walk through the neighborhood, I see my neighbors including children, helping to get the ground ready for vegetables and even planting a tree or two.

Some of the fruit trees are already in bloom, some white and some pink. Spring is such a pretty season, with all the many colors and the new growth.

Double D happenings

Don't forget the chili cook-off starts at 2:30 p.m., Saturday, April 19.


Future Hellsgate firefighters: Two young boys got a big thrill at the open house in Tonto Village on Saturday when the firefighters dressed them up in turnouts. Chief Gary Hatch (top photo) of the Hellsgate Fire Department, adds the last of the new lettering on one of the fire trucks at the April 5 open house.

Any type of chili will be accepted, whatever is your favorite recipe.

There is an entry fee of $10. Prizes will be awarded to first, second and third places.

This month's Scotch Doubles tournament has been enthusiastically accepted by all the pool players.

Cliff Landrum and his partner, Cheri, shot for first place.

Second place was won by Harvey Poyner and his partner, Betty Koutz.

The third-place winners were Sherry and Dennis Minich, from Payson.


Robert Winchester, Phon Sutton and Bill Snyder were presented a certificate of appreciation from Fire Chief Gary Hatch for their years of service to the fire department after they retired.

There will be another Scotch Doubles tournament in May, so watch for the date.

The nine-ball tournament last Tuesday evening was won by Betty Koutz.

Kara Shaw shot for second place and the third-place shooter was Payge Ferriera. Congratulations to all the winners.


The gals are still playing dominoes every Wednesday beginning at 1 p.m. at the Tonto Village Chapel. Come and join in the fun and good food and to catch up on the latest news in the Village.


Angela ‘Angie' Meeker Glass, daughter of Rick and Theresa Meeker of Scottsdale and Tonto Village II, will celebrate her birthday on April 19. Angie recently became a mother for the first time, so she probably will not have much time to celebrate her big day, so, have a wonderful birthday anyway. Maybe the grandparents will take over for a bit so that you can have a special day.

Roxanne Martin of Tonto Village III will also celebrate her birthday on April 19. Here's hoping that your birthday is wrapped in smiles.

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