Feature Teacher


Katy Bawden

College you went to, major and degree: I attended ASU West. I have a bachelor's degree in secondary education and I specialized in social studies.

Where/what do you teach now? work at Payson High School, and teach government and economics.

Years teaching? I did my student teaching here in Payson last year with Mr. Hoyt who is the head of the Social Studies Department, and was offered a job at the end of my student teaching. This is my first year of teaching high school.

Why do you teach? teach because I love social studies, and would like to share that love with my students.

Personal motto/words of wisdom: You have a choice to make every day when you wake up, you can choose to be miserable, and in return make the people around you miserable. Or, you can choose to be happy, and in return make the people around you happy.

Family: I have wonderful parents who raised me to be a strong independent person. I have a huge extended family, and I was lucky to be raised with a younger brother, an older sister, and lots of cousins.

Pet peeve: My students talking when I am trying to talk.

Favorite hobby or leisure activity: Riding my horse, hiking, hunting, fishing, and spending time with my family in the White Mountains.

Why the Rim Country? I am a country girl at heart. While I enjoyed my college experience I did not want to live in Phoenix for the rest of my life. The Rim Country is a great area, and I have really enjoyed living here the last year and a half.

Person in history you'd most like to meet and why:/b>I would like to meet Susan B. Anthony because she was a woman who dedicated decades of her life to ensure that women would be given the rights that we hold dear today. She died before Congress gave women the right to vote, but her tireless work brought the injustice of denying women that right to the forefront and helped open the doors to women's suffrage and sparked the feminist movement.

In school, who was your favorite teacher and why? In high school my favorite teacher was actually my math teacher Mrs. Wiltbank, and in college my favorite professors were Professor Nancy Rodriguez and Dr. Audrey Beardsley.

What was your favorite subject in school and why? My favorite subject in school was history, because it is a subject that I not only find interesting but I also believe that by learning about the past we can make better choices for the future.

What was your favorite year in school and why? I really enjoyed my senior year of college when I was doing my student teaching. I was lucky to get a wonderful mentor teacher, and I had a great group of students.

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