Town Council Should Not Go After Tribal Land



After listening to the council meeting which was on the budget, last week, the tribal land was brought up.

This town and council have done some dirty things, but this takes the cake. The acres that the tribe just got needs to be designated as Trust Land. After trying for years to get it, it belongs to them, not anyone else. The town, or no one should have anything to do with it.

If most of the people that begrudge them the land could have seen the way they had to live when I first came here, they wouldn't begrudge them one drop of that land. It is none of the town's business, what they plan on doing with that land.

This tribe has done more for the town of Payson than most people realize. It seems like when someone needs money or wants something the first place they go is to the tribe, which is not right. This council is always saying that they want to get along with their neighbors, and then they turn around and do something like this.

Everyone that thinks this is not right should get hold of their Congressman and let him know how they feel. This evidently has to be approved by Congress, which could take quite awhile, but with the town and their attorneys pushing it, it could go faster.

The town wants a piece of the land by the event center, for parking.

Let them cancel the hotel and they won't need any more land. I think the thing that gets to them, is that they have no say about what happens on any of that land. The tribe is a sovereign nation, under Federal Law.

Marylou Haught
Oxbow Estates

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