1923 T Bucket



We joined the Rim Country Classic Auto Club after moving to Payson. We both enjoy cars.

My husband has a 1972 Dodge Demon, it was featured at the 1972 L. A. Car Show.

I told my husband I would like a car of my own. Five years ago on my birthday, we went to California and bought my 23T Bucket.

It's a sweet ride it has a 440 Mopar engine, rack and pinion steering, tilt steering wheel, a set of 20-inch Mickey Thompson tires and chrome everywhere.

We take her to car shows around Arizona, but the most fun are parades. The kids really seem happy to see us; they yell, "Burn rubber! Spin donuts!" So I stop and rev her up it seems to make them very happy.

Whenever we go driving around town, it sure causes heads to turn and I don't know if it's because it's so awesome or because a lady drives it.

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