1929 Ford Tudor



Our 1929 Ford Tudor started as a body with no frame, no top, no bottom, no steering, no engine, no nothing. Over the next 9 years it has blossomed into a great ride, thanks to many friends and professional help.

It sports a custom TCI frame with IFS and R& P steering, Corvette engine and transmission, filled roof, 4 bucket seats with custom interior by Tooter Weaver and son, and a full set of fenders and running boards.

My wife, Carolyn, and I enjoy driving our car most everywhere, as long as, there is no snow or rain in the forecast. We get many "hi signs" and "thumbs up" as cars pass by. Generally, it seems to appeals to older folks and younger kids.

It was a true labor of love, rather than a weekend project. I was tempted to quit or sell it many times but was encouraged by my wife to continue. By the way, it is not for sale as it will go to our oldest son.

We were ready to start another rod for our youngest son and his wife when they hinted that they would like something else; a teardrop trailer. It is now in progress and should be completed by end of summer.

What then? Who knows, but you can bet we will have another project and story to tell.

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