1955 Safari



This is our 1955 Pontiac Safari (Pontiac's equivalent to the Chevy Nomad) purchased in Ventura, Calif. nearly four years ago.

The car had been abandoned and sold to a wrecking yard in 1976. It was purchased as the tow truck was bringing it into the yard. The new owner intended to use it for parts in restoring a Chevy Nomad, but instead, after dismantling the front end and dash, covered it in the corner of his garage where it sat until I purchased it in 2004. After moving it to Arizona in 2005, it now resides in a new garage built just for it.

You won't see it at this year's car show, and probably not next year's either. The process of putting it back together and updating with a newer Pontiac drivetrain, should begin soon. We hope to someday travel the country in it towing a '50s or '60s Airstream travel trailer.

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