1972 Ford Ltd - 1956 Fairlane



Question: When did you join the Car Club?

Tom: 1985. Members in the first few years were: Rich Brooks, Rod Bice, Jim Dunn, Steve & Jo Johnson, Bessie Nice (Neiswanger), Rollie Lee, Bill Brummond, and a number of others whose names I can't remember after 20 years.

Question: What cars are you showing this year?

Tom: 1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria and 1972 Ford LTD.

Question: Tell us something about each of these cars.

Tom: 1956 Victoria -- Purchased in 1981 as a project car; it was a basket case when I found it; with 4 flat tires and the transmission in a hundred pieces; there had been a fire in the engine compartment, leaving much of the wiring in a crispy state. I thought that this car was worth saving because it was Ford's first 4-door hardtop model with a low production that year. With the help of my father, Marv and my brother Stanley, we managed to put it back together, making it a good daily driver. After a few years, we decided to tackle the body work, paint and interior, and tried to make it look as good as the day it rolled off the assembly line. We then made it a car for show and "Sunday drives."

1972 LTD -- One family car, purchased by my parents at Read Mullen Ford in Phoenix (now Mel Clayton Ford) in October 1971. My mother, Arleen, drove it to and from work for a number of years and I have fond memories of family vacations taken in this car. It was our everyday family car until my parents bought a new Ford Taurus in 1986. After 30 years in the Phoenix sun, the paint and interior were in pretty sad shape, so the LTD was brought to Payson, where it got a new paint job and the interior restored as original.

Question: How many of the RCCAC Charity Car Shows have you shown cars in?

Tom: All of them.

Question: Anything else you'd like to say?

Tom: All the registration fees from people showing cars goes to local charities, so come on down to the car show and admire (or drool over) the classic cars.

It's free to come stroll down Main Street and look at them. You won't be disappointed!

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