My Grand dad thinks he's really hot stuff. You see, he entered his Mustang in last year's Rim Country Classic Auto Club "Beeline Cruise-in." And he won a trophy.

Now I have to admit, his car is nice, but just wait until they get a load of my blue beauty. This thing is loaded. Why, I have just about everything on this beast and it really goes. Starting with a full race battery, two speed drive and super wide plastic slicks. Just last week we won both the Daytona 500 and Sebring. And, sometimes, when I get lucky, Mom lets me take it all the way around the block.

Well, I just can't wait for the car show Saturday, April 26th in Payson. This little jewel is going to be right there on Main Street, and I just have a feeling that a "Best of Show" trophy is in the cards.

My suggestion is, get there early if you want to see us at all. You see, there is always such a crowd around me and my "Stang" that you might just miss us. Tell you what. How about a photo op at 10:00? Now look close or you might pass me by.

See you there.


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