Meeting Someone New



When meeting someone new,he best approach is a sense of humor. Laughter is theeyoeeling relaxed and non-threatened; it alsoeeps the awkwardness away.

No matter howld you are,t is never easy meeting someone new. As rule,e all do better around ourwn genderut, when it is male and female, it all changes.

We wish to makehat first impression great so,e try too hard and sometimes "babble," because we are nervous. It is likenterviewingor new job. Ifeave a chance to begin with laughter, immediatelye are at ease and it makes for smoother sailing after that, and makest interesting enough to want tonow more about this person who from the beginning madeouaugh. Sense of humor is the magic key to opening most doors and a diffuser toifficult situations. Laugh often.

Shirley Brimm

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