‘Our View' Was Not Fair To Motorcyclists



I am a five-year resident of Payson and subscriber to the Payson Roundup. I enjoy the various services that your paper offers and feel that it usually fairly represents the community.

I was very disappointed last night when I read the "Our view" section of the paper for the lack of sensibility that the (editorial) showed to many of our community members when the top item on the list was "We need more brain-damaged motorcyclists to serve as organ donors."

Why doesn't it include equestrians or off-road vehicle riders or hikers on the Rim or others who take some level of risk that could cause physical damage? My point is that there are many motorcyclists in the community who obey the speed limits and rules and regulations regarding vehicle operation.

Many are also very community-minded and contribute immensely to the community. I am delighted that the DPS apprehended the idiot who was riding at speed in excess of 121 mph, but feel that it is unfair for your paper to categorize all motorcyclists as reckless and it turn wish that they would have an accident so that they can become organ donors. Your staff may feel that this is humorous, but I would suggest that it was done in very bad taste and with poor judgment.

Anppropriate response to this e-mail would be an apology to the community.

Ivon A. English

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