Permits To Collect Plant And Trees From Forest Lands Available


Wildings permits, which authorize collecting live plants and trees from National Forest lands for personal use, are available now on the Peaks and Mormon Lake Ranger Districts of the Coconino National Forest.

Permits are available for about a month in the spring and again in the fall, while the plants are dormant.

Permits are available for aspen and for coniferous trees (Douglas Fir, White Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Pinyon Pine, and Juniper.) Aspen up to 20-feet tall and conifers up to 12-feet tall may be dug up. However, for the best chance of successful transplanting, foresters recommend that trees selected be much smaller in size, less than 8 feet for aspen and 4 feet for conifers. The fee is 50 cents per foot for aspen and $1 per foot for conifers, with a minimum fee of $20 per permit. Maps of designated gathering locations, along with transplanting recommendations, are provided.

Permits are available until May 19. No plant collection is allowed after this date. To obtain a permit or for more information, in Flagstaff contact the Peaks Ranger Station on north Highway 89, phone (928) 526-0866.

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