Please Respect Our Wishes



I hope you print this for many of us who have encountered this problem, including my elderly parents who reside in Payson.

I recently encountered two ladies who parked their car in our cul-de-sac and were going door-to-door with a Bible in their hands. We respect everyone's feelings and rights, and knowing some of my neighbors were away, I explained to them in nice way, to save them some steps, that no one was home and I was not interested.

Also the one older lady wearing red skirt and high heelseemed very upset, ignoring what I had said, she proceeded with the other ladyo the next house again. I explained no one was home, like I wasn't to be believed. She became very antagonist and said let me read from the Bible and I told her that wasn't necessary and she said "this is what God wants us to do."

I responded by saying that is fine and when told by residents, no, please take that as not interested, she continued. At that point I told her we need no solicitation signs on our property.

As a taxpayer and homeowner we don't appreciate this and it is harassment. Hopefully the church leaders in this community will get the word out if residents are not interested, please accept that and leave our properties. We have spoken to many church people who were very polite to deal with. This lady was not.

God bless them in their work they do, but respect other people's rights.

Mrs. B. Rivers

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