Police Officers Risk Their Lives Daily


Please understandnd believe the premise that nofficerantso have to shoot anyone and willotoo unlesses putnto aositionfot havingny choice, buto defendis life or another's.

What do you meany, "everybody better stop and think, it could happen tohem"? Itop and think all the time that I will obey the commands of any law enforcement officer; therefore,t willot happen to me or any other clear-thinkingndividual.

Do you believeointing a pistol at anfficerr any othererson is a signf being "down once inn awhile"? Im certainou have noirearmsxperience. Even when notnder greattress, hitting small objectike a hand or legselevision nonsense,otreality. Add the adrenalineumping threatf defending your lifendaking a splitecisiono be forced to shoot, make it impossible.

Yes, the two officers who shoter will never forgethis the restf their lives. Yet, every day brave menndomenuit upnd gonuty not knowing whether they'lleut into suchorrible situations. But thank God, they are willing toiskheir lives to protect others.

Hank Marquardt

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