Creek Residents Get Ready For Grazers


At the April 19 Hunter Creek Homeowners Association meeting there was a report from Chris Thiel (USFS) and Woody Cline, who is the cattle grazing permit holder, on cattle being back in the area.

We will be seeing cattle again in this area very soon.

Now is the time to check your fences.

Some have taken them down to get in the forest. Now would be the time to repair them, unless you want cattle in your front yard.

Years ago when the cattle were grazing in the area, it was very common to wake up and find 15 head of cattle in your yard.

I can remember back some 10 years or so when I lived on Elk Run Road and Diane Ruman was my neighbor, how we had to herd up those guys and get them back into the forest.

The funny thing was, some of them were very large bulls with those 6-foot horns and here we were not weighing more than 200 pounds between the two of us and pushing some bulls that weighed more than 500 pounds.

Today I would say we were crazy, but it did not stop us back then.

We have been told that these are friendly cows, no bulls. They can still leave a mess, so get out your gloves and pliers and get to fixing your fence.

Upcoming events

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association's next membership meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m., Saturday, May 24 at the fire station.

A number of important issues will be presented, including the appointment of a nominating committee to organize the election of officers in the fall.

Kids Clean Up the Creek Day

There is a special day for all the kids and grandkids this summer. On Saturday, June 7, the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association is going to sponsor a Kids Clean Up the Creek event and celebration.

Beginning at 10 a.m., the children will meet at the walking bridge on the Apple Lane side.

Children will be grouped into teams of two, three and four. They will be assigned to a "zone" based on age. Each team will be given a bag to collect trash and debris in their zone.

A zone might be from along Apple Lane from the walking bridge down to the end. Another zone, for example, might be along the creek from the walking bridge halfway up to the highway.

After picking up all the garbage and trash in their zone, the children will return to the walking bridge to have their bags of trash weighed. They will post team weights and totals.

All kids participating will get some kind of a thank you. After the weigh-in, they will have a hot dog and chip lunch for all the participants. Bring a lawn chair to sit down for lunch.

The association members think it is important for the children to learn the citizenship lesson of keeping our community clean.

Make this a special day for the children in your life to make a contribution, have fun, meet a new friend and keep the creek clean.

They sure can use some adults to come along in the background to help.

Any questions, feel free to call officers: Karen Thornton at (928) 478-4133, Judy Toole at (928) 478-0508 or Gary Anderson at (928) 478-4075.


Gary Anderson, president of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association would like everyone to know that there is a petition circulating in the area in support of hiring longtime resident and 10-year-plus fire department employee Scotty VanEckhoutte.

Scotty is qualified, well known and well respected. He knows the district and the people who reside in it. If you would like to sign the petition, there is one at Tall Pines Market and I also have one, but you must reside in the district to sign the petition.

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