North Payson Resident Tired Of Losing Pets To Pellet Guns, Offers Reward

$500 offered to catch cat shooter


North Payson resident Skylar Adams lost his 12-year-old mix breed cat named Seamus to a pellet gun wound to the head about four months ago, and now is afraid he will lose another.

Adams is tired of losing beloved pets to pellet guns and wants something done.

"It was devastating to lose Seamus. It would just plain break my heart if I were to lose my other one," Adams said.

His other companion, Suki, a 4-year-old from feral stock, is currently recovering from the latest in a round of two attacks within as many months.

Adams is offering a $500 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction of anyone shooting animals within town limits.

He said police were sympathetic to his plight, but so far have found no suspects.

Representatives with the Payson Humane Society said they have not had any animals with pellet gun wounds come in to the facility recently and that the incident with Suki appears to be isolated.

Officials with Payson Police also indicated that as far as they know the attacks against Suki are isolated incidents.

The first attack against Suki was in March, but was not life threatening and went undetected for a while, Adams said.

The last one however entered Suki's back and exited through his leg, shattering shoulder and leg bones and tearing up tissue on the way out, he said.

"The night of Friday, April 18, I saw him (Suki) coming home later than usual. He's always home between 2 and 6 p.m. every day and then stays in for the night.

He was limping, but I didn't know he had been shot and he immediately went under my bed and lay down. He has this little monkey that he just loves, so I gave it to him and watched a movie and went to bed," Adams said.

At first Adams couldn't find a vet open on a Saturday, but eventually got him in to the Payson Pet Care Veterinary Center where Suki got emergency treatment followed by surgery to repair the damage to the leg.

Suki is currently recovering at Adams' home. He said it broke his heart when he lost his first cat to what he describes as animal cruelty and said he lives in daily fear that whoever has already shot Suki twice will ultimately succeed in killing him.

Adams said he would pay any price to get the care his cats need, but that the ongoing situation he has had to deal with has been expensive.

"I just brought him (Suki) home from the vet yesterday (Monday, April 21) and it cost more than $1,900 to save him," Adams said.

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