Leatherheads-Youth Review

A good film to see with family


I don't feel like watching "Leatherheads" was a waste of my money or anything. Although, if I had the chance to pay 8 bucks to see it again or sit at home and play video games, I would be perfectly content playing video games.

I did really enjoy the old-time feel of the movie. I felt that the movie portrayed the 1920s very well -- at least from my understanding of the 1920s.

The story goes like this, Dodge Connelly (George Clooney) is a popular football star who is both talented and rebellious. Dodge literally lives and breathes football. So when his team loses their sponsor and it looks like the entire league is going to fall apart at any moment, Dodge is forced to come up with a last-minute strategy to save his team. That strategy is Carter Rutherford (John Krasinski), a former college football star and decorated war hero, who Dodge believes will give his team a fighting chance if he can convince Carter to join. During the war Carter single-handedly forced the surrender of a number of German soldiers, which basically made him an American icon. That, and the fact that Carter is also probably the fastest player in the league, makes him invaluable to Carter's team.

Reporter Lexie Littleton (Renee Zellweger) believes that Carter is too good to be true and is determined to prove it. While Lexie is looking intensely into Carter's past, trying to uncover something to prove that her theory of him is correct, Carter and Dodge enter into a fierce competition for her love. Dodge's plans to hold his team together and save the league begin to work out very well. During this time, the football league begins to take on many changes. While trying to win over Lexie, Dodge comes to the realization that he can use some of his strategies to win on the field to win Lexie's affection as well.

Though I might not have enjoyed this movie as much as others, it would be a very good movie to take your family to, or maybe grandparents. I would have to give "Leatherheads" three stars.

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