Neighbors Need To Be Reminded Of Others' Rights And Feelings



First of all let me say this, we have met some wonderful folks since moving to Arizona and to Payson, where we bought a home.

We bought a home in a cul-de-sac which, for the most part, is quiet, especially at night. Everyone watches out for everyone like a neighborhood watch, which is wonderful and important today. Unfortunately, things can change quickly if a disagreement arises between neighbors and it can be uncomfortable if things aren't resolved.

I was approached by my neighbor one night, when he knocked on my door very loudly, I thought something was wrong or there was an emergency. My husband was not well and he didn't go to the door, normally he would. I stepped outside and my neighbor stated, "We have a problem." I asked him what was going on and he proceeded to tell me in so many words, he didn't like the fact I was feeding a stray cat on my property and that the cat had wandered onto his deck, etc.

I explained I was not aware of that and that I was trying to get close to the animal so I could adopt him or take him to the shelter.

Since he was hard to reason with, I knew I couldn't make him understand it was a temporary thing and I asked him if the cat was doing any damage, he said no. Before that he asked me to stop feeding the birds, which I accommodated him to be a good neighbor. That same night I heard him screaming and yelling at the poor cat to get off his deck and I heard the cat crying. Luckily that cat showed up the following morning and my husband took him to the shelter. I was heartbroken.

We have never complained about his kids playing in the street since it is a dead end and he usually is out there with them, but when my husband was trying to back up out of our driveway he sat there and didn't ask them to move, my husband tooted his horn as a warning and we got the look. (It is) sad he is this way. He seems like a nice man and an attentive father, but he needs to remember he is not the only homeowner in the cul-de-sac. We have rights, too, even though he has lived there longer.

So we don't speak to one another and that's even sadder, thinking of oneself only makes communication difficult among neighbors.

We should work together and make our communities nicer places to live and work, even if there are slight disagreements among each other. It makes for better living conditions also, especially when you pay so much today to buy a home in a community you want to be part of. Why I believe fences do make better neighbors sometimes.

I think some homeowners forget that just because they have lived in an area longer than the new homeowner their rights supersede others. They don't.

We all need to remember everyone's rights count and we need to respect them.

May I add that my husband and I had great conversations with our neighbor after we bought our home and we truly are saddened that the communication broke down between us.

B Colin

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