Tough Choices Not Easy To Make


Editor's Note: This letter by a Rim Country Middle School student talks about an eye-opening expereience for the teen. The letter was the idea of a Payson police officer with support from the student's father, Kevin Kelly, in the hopes it serves as a warning to all young people in our community. See our related story beginning on page 1 of today's newspaper.


My name is Summer Kelley and I am in eighth grade at RCMS. My past year did not go so well.

During my seventh grade year, I messed up a lot. I made a lot of bad choices. During the last week of school a couple of kids brought some pills to school. And out of curiosity I took one and put it in my pocket. After school, things started to get bad, I found out a friend of mine had over dosed and was taken to the emergency room.

So while I was walking to the bus, I was kinda scared and had remembered the pill was in my pocket so I took it out and threw it over the fence at our school. After I got home that day, another friend of mine called and told me a teacher saw me throw the pill over the fence. I was a little scared. I did not think what I had done was very wrong. Then I got another call from our vice principle, she asked me to come down to the school. As I was sitting there with my dad. I was thinking what have I done!

How much trouble am I in? Our vice principle had told me that what I did could become very serious with the police. She told me I could be charged with a felony.

At that point I was scared to death. Then it got worse -- she told me I could even go to Globe and spend some time in a juvenile delinquent center.

That was officially the scariest moment of my life.

To think that I could actually go to Globe I was horrified. She told me one thing that would happen for sure is that I would be suspended for the remaining week of school.

After that a few weeks went by and I was told that my suspension was my punishment, I was so relieved.

So to all you kids that are starting middle school just be prepared for what is yet to come, because you are going to be tempted and curious. So just be prepared for the unexpected choices that might come your way. Think before you act that's one thing I wish I would have done.

Summer Kelley

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