Roping Terms Are Somewhat Confusing


With the Meredith Roping results and the Gracie Haught Memorial Team Ropin' filling the sports pages, many readers are probably wondering, "What is a No. 9 roper? How is a No. 8 roper different from a No. 4?" And, in team roping, "What does pick or draw mean?"

The number classifications of almost 127,000 team ropers from across North America are doled out and maintained by the United States Team Roping Championships (USTRC).

The number system handicaps member ropers on a TRIAD system.

In it, USTRC officials assign all ropers a competition number based on rodeo performance profiles and online balloting in which ropers have the opportunity to rate their fellow competitors from within their own area.

Factors the USTRC takes in assigning numbers are money won, how often a roper competes, consistency, who a roper ropes with, how fast they rope and what others think.

Then through a complex system of weights and standards, those factors are analyzed and the roper's ability is assigned a number classification.

In entering an event, the roper competes in an assigned division against others with his or her same ability.

USTRC officials say the TRIAD system provides everyone, regardless of age or ability, the fair and equal opportunity to compete.

As for "draw or pick," it simply means in some ropings competitors can either draw their partner from a pool of contestants or pick a personal choice.

Sarah Haught says thank you

Ted Meredith Memorial Team Roping sponsor Sarah Haught wants to thank all those who helped make the annual event a success.

The sponsors were: John Augustine Ranches, Diamond Butte and Flying W Ranches, Merle's Valley Bar, Antlers Bar and Café, Young Cowboy Church, Tonto Cowboy Church, McDavid Construction, Meredith Family, The Drift Inn, Blaine Grantham, M-K Ranch, Odonetto Construction, Jeff Wantland, Tom Sexton, Pleasant Valley Farm and Ranch, 2 Lanes Saloon, Tom Readstrom, MJT Construction, J-T Construction, Hunt Materials, Hot Concrete and Corral West-Britnee Law.

3D shoot at TRSC

The first-ever Tonto Rim Sports Club-sponsored 3D archery shoot will be held Aug. 10 at the Jim Jones Shooting Range, located just south of Payson.

Registration begins at 8 a.m. and the shoot one hour later.

The registration fee is $20 for adults, $30 for a family and $15 for youth 14 to 18 years of age. Children under 14 years may enter for free. The competition is open to the public.

In the upcoming shoot, archers will walk the new archery course at the Jim Jones Shooting Range firing arrows at McKenzie life-sized, foam, three-dimensional targets.

The targets are of bear, deer, mountain lion and other wild animals.

"There are 14 targets and they will be shot at twice from different distances, making 28 targets," shoot director Les Conner said. "It will be a lot of fun and good practice."

Also on the agenda is a Clout shoot and a raffle.

The Clout shoot will be at a bull's eye target from about 90 meters and features a 50-50 payoff to the winners.

"The champion will get one-half the pot, the rest will go for range improvements and maybe more 3D targets," Conner said.

Prizes will also be awarded to winners of the 3D shoot and there will be a raffle with selected archery equipment given out as prizes.

"We want to make it fun for all," Conner said.

For more information about the upcoming event call TRSC Public Relations officer Charles Thompson at (928) 468-1521.

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