Ladies Turn Out For Cards, Lunch, Dominos


Last week Bianca Malmin of Hunter Creek decided it would be nice to have a few ladies over for lunch, cards and dominos.

When I arrived there were 20 ladies from the Christopher Creek area and one of those ladies was wearing a birthday hat. The birthday girl was Marty Bethancourt whose birthday is Sept. 3 and the ladies decided to celebrate her birthday a little early.

Now, I am not sure just how old Marty is, but a little bird told me she was older than Mimi. Oops!

That's getting up there Marty. Just kidding, Mimi. You know we all love you. These ladies all look young. I think it is the clean fresh air up here in Christopher Creek.

The ladies attending this fun afternoon of cards and food were Jean Clarkson, Linda Atkins, Mary Bethancourt, Mimi Tidwell, Vicki Grootegoed, Mary Bryan, Pat Guevara, Alhetta Anderson, Peggy Milburn, Joy Nutter, Julie Haeberle, Rita Quay, Laura Bierwieth, Betty Starr, Eileen Kittock, Pat Oliver, Nancy Corley and Bianca Malmin.

It was nice to see some of these ladies for some of them only spend the summers here, like Jean Clarkson, Mary Bryan, Rita Quay, Betty Starr and Peggy Milburn.

Fuel break update

Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin was instrumental in getting the matching funds to enable us to fund a fuel break around Christopher Creek area communities.

The fuel break money held by the county ($50,000) has been transferred to the CCHA, a fuel break account. Jack Kalmar, Firebelles treasurer and custodian of the fuel break account, reports that on July 4, the account balance was $136,588.79.

The paperwork process for approval and the awarding of a cutting contract is moving along. Discussion with USFS personnel suggests the work is moving forward and has not stopped.

If it stalls, CCHA will initiate another e-mail and letter-writing campaign to get it on track. Estimates now are that cutting will begin before the end of the year. Thank the Lord for all the rain this year.

This Saturday, Aug. 9, there will be a surprise potluck at the Christopher/Kohl's Fire Department to thank Chief Electra VanEckoutte for her dedication to our district. I know it will be a surprise because the chief doesn't get a chance to read the paper until later in the week. If you would like to come and show your appreciation, just show up.


Donna Wynn will be adding another candle to her cake on Aug. 10, Karen Thornton will be celebrating on Aug. 13, and Holly Purtee has a birthday on Aug. 15.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday.

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