Disappointed With Decision On Drowned Puppies



Open Letter to Gila County Attorney Daisy Flores:

I can't see how she can state, "There was no indication in this matter that the puppies were subjected to protracted suffering or otherwise tortured." Did not the puppies try to wiggle out of his hands to get free? When they could not get a breath, did they not show suffering?

You cannot tell me that those puppies just laid there, waiting to accept their life to end. How dare you, Ms. Flores, have no concern as to how these puppies suffered to end their life in the hands of a cruel animal abuser?

I hope if Ulery has other animals in his cruel care that they are taken away before he decides to end their life. Maybe, Ulery, should have been taken to "Joe" in Maricopa County. At least we know he defends animals that are mistreated and abused.

If he didn't want these puppies, there is a way to keep your female from reproducing unwanted puppies. I am sure Ulery was and is not the only person, or persons that is doing this, it just happened that someone was looking out in concern.

I agree with Robert M. Lantry, there should be amendment to laws that can protect animals that cannot speak for themselves. To do such a thing in this time and age with not even a slap on the hand tells us the law protects "who."

I am disappointed in the decision that was brought down, as I speak for the drowned puppies.

V.L. Burdette

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