We Need To Support Our Police Officers



I want to congratulate our retired chief of police, Gordy Gartner, for his great letter in support of our two verbally and written, abused police officers, who did their duty, and have been the brunt of abuse over the last few months.

Then, I want to thank him for reminding all of us, that remember when Dave Wilson was killed by just the same set of circumstances. All of the newcomers to town do not know what an impact that was on our small community, and we should all hope that it never happens again. It is a shame that our society has turned into a bleeding-heart society, and that police officers, who are sworn to protect you and your property, have to put up with this bleeding-heart mentality, when they are only doing their job. All bleeding-hearts should be required to serve in the military for six months and be placed in a life-threatening situation, to see how fast their thoughts change.

I am a Vietnam veteran, proud of it, and hope that all of you bleeding-hearts do not make our current situation into another Vietnam, which is trying to be done.

I have two sons who are both policemen. One in Los Angeles, and the other in Casper, Wyo. and they have both been in shooting situations and I thank God every day, that with their training, they were able to make the right split-second decision, and that they are both still here with me today.

I am sure that the parents of our two involved officers feel exactly the same way. Most of our bleeding-heart society does not know what happens in a split-second of time, when your life and death, hangs in the balance.

Put yourself on the line some time and see if you live or die ... So let's leave these two fine police officers alone, and thank God, that you have them protecting you from harm, if it ever comes your way. Bleeding-heart or not, they will put their life on the line for you and when it is all over you can either thank them or condemn them, your choice, that is what all of us veterans have fought wars for, that you have the right to choose. Right or wrong, you still have that choice. Back in my military days, we had a slogan that we believed in and fought for and it needs to become a part of our lives again. The slogan was and still is for me, "Love It or Leave It."

Dave Crowell

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