Anguish, Hard Feelings Could Have Been Avoided With Straw Vote



Our town officials have told us we can't afford to operate Taylor Pool. "Concerned Citizens" started talking with the Valley of the Sun YMCA, resulting in our mayor and town council coming up with resolution #2395. Allegedly, negotiating teams for the Town of Payson and the YMCA submitted a term lease for the mayor and town council to approve. The negotiating team for the Town of Payson, consisted of the town manager, the legal department and the parks and recreation director.

The result? A $5.6 million facility will be built by the YMCA in Rumsey Park on 5 (+/-) acres. They'll have a 20-year lease, with three five-year renewals, at the Y's option. "Real property and improvements, but excluding YMCA's equipment, revert to the Town of Payson upon termination or expiration of the lease."

If the town can't afford to operate Taylor Pool at $160,000 annually, how is it going to handle a five-acre, $5.6 million facility?

The initial step not taken by anyone, was asking the citizens of Payson if they wanted to lease five acres of a beautiful park, to an outside party, who would be in direct competition with existing businesses.

Belatedly, the citizens of Payson may be able to vote on this issue, which is reputed to cost $40,000 had our mayor and town council taken a poll. (Had they taken a) straw vote, of the people they are supposed to represent, much anguish and hard feelings could have been avoided.

C. Anne Boisvert

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