Gila County Needs Representation At The State Capitol



It is time Gila County had representation at the state capitol.

Barbara Brewer will represent Payson as our Arizona State Representative with honor, credibility and integrity. Barbara has demonstrated these qualities for years (1996-2006) as a Payson Town Council member, vice mayor and mayor.

During that time she was very active in different areas of state legislation, wrote and moved bills through to completion, working with state legislators.

Barbara is very knowledgeable about rural issues, including water, healthy forest, business and tourism. She will hit the ground running using her experience from many years in public service to continue serving the needs of Payson and the rest of the 5th legislative district.

She is especially interested in working to secure our borders, make education a priority and bring rural Arizona interests to the forefront of Arizona political attention and action.

Please join me and many others and vote for Barbara Brewer for State Representative in the primary on Sept. 2 and in the general election on Nov. 4.

Judy Buettner

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