Not All Rodeo Action Limited To Professionals


You don't have to be a professional rodeo cowboy to get in on some of the action during the 124th World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo in Payson.

The Mazatzal Casino has some special events planned to give anyone interested a taste of the rodeo action. The event is being called the "777 Mechanical Rodeo" and it starts at 9 p.m. Friday, Aug. 15 and Saturday, Aug. 16.

Contestants can compete in five different events and will receive scores at each event they participate in.

Scores are held at each station until midnight, unless a contestant wishes to compete for "All Around Cowboy/ Cowgirl." If any contestant wishes to compete for the All Around Cowboy/ Cowgirl title, they must obtain a scorecard upon arrival and before participating in any event. The attendant at each station will document their scores on the "All Around Cowboy/Cowgirl" scorecard. The winners will be announced at midnight.

Mazatzal Casino is located 1/2 mile south of Payson on Highway 87, directly east of the Payson Event Center.

The Events


Contestants must catch some part of the rolling steer within seven throws in seven minutes. A prize will be awarded to the fastest time and an additional prize will be awarded to the person who gets seven out of seven with the lowest score. In the event of a tie for fastest time, each contestant will throw again.


Contestants can practice on a roping dummy if desired until they are ready to take the tie down challenge. Contestants will mount a stationary pony. They will nod their head and a mechanical calf will be released on its run and the time starts. The contestant has to attempt to catch it, get off the horse dummy and run down and tie three legs with a piggin' string by putting their hind legs up and tying all three legs with two wraps and hooey. If a contestant does not catch it upon the initial release, the time continues and the mechanical calf will remain stationary and the contestant will have six more attempts for a total of seven to catch it and tie it down to get a time.


Either one or two contestants will be equipped with holster and a modified gun (which does not shoot bullets) for the fastest time. Each person is allowed seven shots. An assistant will reload after each shot. Safety glasses and gloves will be provided and must be worn. You are not allowed to load your own gun. Time is recorded for the fastest seven out seven.


Contestants must catch some part of the roping dummy from a designated start line. The time starts at the first throw. Contestants will have seven attempts to catch the roping dummy. If a contestant does not catch any part after seven attempts, their turn is over but they may get back in line and take the challenge again. Once the dummy is caught, the contestant will lead a horse through three poles and back to the start line. Then the contestant will run to the opposite end to a ribbon-filled donkey, "Sunny." The contestant must find a ribbon that has a 777 on it and return with it to the finish line.


Contestants will mount Bulldacious. There will be seven easy practice seconds, seven intermediate seconds to build confidence, buzzer will sound and scored time will begin on the last seven seconds for a total of 21 seconds. Only the last seven seconds will be judged and scored.


The painted pony is not a timed event. There will be symbols with meanings in envelopes in a basket. Patrons will pick an envelope and whatever symbol is in it, they will paint the symbol by hand on the pony.

There are no entry fees, no qualifying and no pre-registration. However, participants must be 21 or older.

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