‘Obama For President' Sign Destroyed



To whom it may concern in Woodland Meadows,

So you felt good about yourself when you destroyed my "Obama For President" yard sign? I bet you felt even better to throw the remains up on my driveway, right?

Well, it might make me feel better to call you an un-American coward. Instead, I will admit it makes me feel much better to tell you I have replaced the one sign with two new ones.

Since I have to pay for these signs and all the money goes to the Obama campaign, you may want to know I have just donated more than twice what I would have, because of your vandalism. In a sad and pathetic way, you have helped make a nice little donation to my choice for president.

I can't bring myself to thank you for your part in that, but I would add that your actions are not what I've come to expect from the good people of Woodland Meadows or Payson. So I'll have my "Obama For President" signs up in my windows and I'll proudly wear my "Barack Obama 2008" button on my blouse, daily.

Susan Nelson

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