Real Estate -- Interesting Business


Being a real estate broker for more years than I want to admit, has created some interesting stories that, looking back, are somewhat unbelievable.

People from back east do not realize that even though the west has vast expanses of land, most is publicly owned.

For example, in Gila County there is roughly only 3 percent private land.

Not too long ago, a couple from Wisconsin came into one of our offices to inquire about purchasing a secluded cabin on about 20 to 30 acres. After explaining the availability we discussed price range and were proudly informed they could go as high as $20,000 on their Arizona dream. Needless to say, their dream did not become a reality.

It is not always easy being a real estate agent. One agent showed a couple and their two rowdy children homes all over our area. Thankfully, gas was less expensive back then. The agent dutifully followed the kids to make sure they did not damage anything in the homes and in essence, was the babysitter while showing properties. Unfortunately, the clients did not buy; however, the agent was rewarded by one of the children. He mistakenly thought the third seat in her Suburban was a port-a-potty.

One of our agents relates the story of a home we had listed for sale. The husband called to say they would be coming up to use the cabin and would we please slip the key under the front doormat so they could get in. Shortly thereafter, the wife called and was reassured that the key would be put under the mat. The wife thanked us, and said, "OOhhhh," but did not elaborate. That night, the wife and her brother came up to the cabin, kicked in the door, and said hello to her husband and his female friend. We lost the listing.

The last story is one that has happened too many times. An agent showed up at a home for sale with their client and used the lock box to enter the residence. The somewhat hard of hearing owner did not hear the agent's knocks at the door and continued on with his business. You probably already know the rest of the story. When the agent showed the master bedroom and bath, the embarrassed owner gave a reluctant wave from his perch on the bathroom commode.

It is an interesting business!

Ray Pugel is the designated broker for Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty. For more information, call (928) 474-2216.

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