Star Valley To Seek Control Of Water Company


Star Valley's attorney Marvin Cohen goes before a judge at a water condemnation hearing today, Aug. 12, to petition the court for immediate possession of the Payson Water Co. (Brooke Utilities).

The town wants to purchase the water company to facilitate future commercial and residential growth and secure its legal rights. The town submitted an offer of $400,000 to purchase the water facility, plus the $75,000 it would cost to condemn the facilities. Brooke rejected the offer.

At the hearing, the judge could give immediate possession of the facilities to Star Valley.

Also at last Tuesday's meeting, the council voted to enter into a agreement with the Unites States Department of Agriculture for flood control. In the agreement, the town sponsors part of the USDA Watershed Flood Control program. The program provides funds for engineering and remediation of existing flood control problems.

District conservationist with the USDA, Phillip Jacquez, said the program is an emergency-based assistance mechanism.

"Sometimes events occur and for Arizona it is usually flooding," Jacquez said.

The town started the program in response to flooding that occurred in July.

Star Valley must provide 25 percent of funding for repair practices and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) provides up to 75 percent, said NRCS planner Jerry Hernandez.

The town agreed to possibly contribute $25,000 to the program, which could generate $100,000 in funding from the USDA.

According to the USDA Web site, the Emergency Watershed Protection recovery program has conservation measures to retard runoff, prevent flooding or reduce soil erosion. Councilmember George Binney said to get this sponsorship the town has to apply within 60 days after flooding occurs. If the town does not apply now, it will have to wait until another flood occurs.

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