Technology Misuse And Abuse



I have been disturbed about the "Cell Phone Revolution" since it started!

The use while driving endangers me -- use in restaurants disturbs me -- and the general impact on what used to be "tranquil" situations is painful. But, the "real bad aspect" of cell phone misuse was brought home by a recent experience.

I was in a local restaurant having breakfast and was facing a booth that appeared to be occupied by a mother and daughter. The mother, even while sporadically eating, was constantly on her cell phone. The daughter might as well have been alone. I thought of the anti drug ad -- "Another opportunity lost."

Whether it was mother and daughter or not, the "mother" was being extremely rude. To be with anybody, in that or a similar situation, and completely ignore him or her is insensitive and wrong!

This is another example, like TV, of misuse of a great technology driven by a thoughtless user and -- most of all -- greed of the business community.

Richard S. Lindfors

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