Star Valley City Manager Submits Resignation


Star Valley's town manager has put in his resignation.

Vito Tedeschi said he would not renew his contract in November, when his two-year term ends.

Tedeschi turned in his resignation papers Aug. 13, "in order to give them enough time to get a new town manager."

Tedeschi is requesting that his contract be extended till December, so the council has time to find a new manager. It normally takes three to four months to hire a replacement, he said.

"I have been talking about leaving for the last month," he said. The council was still shocked by my plans to leave.

"They will work through it," he said.

Mayor Chuck Heron said his leaving did not surprise him.

"I know he was disappointed in the outcome of last weeks meeting," Heron said. "Once I found out I immediately moved forward to have a meeting tonight where we will discuss his leaving in executive session."

Tedeschi said he plans to go back into retirement.

"My wife gave me the orders, she said I need to go back into retirement and enjoy life, they were Anita's orders," he said.

Tedeschi came out of retirement for the second time to work for Star Valley. He previously worked 30 years for cities and towns around Arizona.

"This was a brand new town so it was a chance to start up a town the right way," Tedeschi said.

"I loved working here."

Heron said Tedeschi did a good job as manager.

"He has done an excellent job in the things he has been involved in," Heron said. "He has done a tremendous job with the budget."


Star Valley Town Clerk Sarah Luckie said someone has requested a recall packet.

A recall is when citizens petition to have a public official removed or replaced from office before the end of their term.

Luckie said the packet has not been turned in and she does not know whom it is for.

A petitioner must collect signatures from 25 percent of the votes cast in the last election for the official recalled, in order to qualify a petition.

If enough signatures are gathered, a recall election is held.

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