3-D Archery Shoot Will Take Place At Sports Club


Add competitive 3-D archery to the long list of outdoor activities available at the Tonto Rim Sports Club.

The sport turned into an attractive option Aug. 10 when 45 entrants turned out for the first-ever 3D shoot held on TRSC's Jim Jones Shooting Range.


Winners of the first-ever 3-D shoot at the Tonto Rim Sports Club included Tom Gonzales, Denton Cline, Crystal Slaughter, Cassie Poeling, Jeremy Ulmer, Randy Morder, Tanner Savage, Zack Ulmer, Smokey Slaughter and Karmin Randall.

"It was a great turnout for a first one," said event organizer Les Conner. "We think they will become even more popular in the future."

Some of those who showed up to compete were from Globe and Phoenix.

Conner's plans are to host the 3-D shoots every three months.

"But we could go once a month if there is a demand," he said.

In the competition, archers walked the new archery course at the shooting range firing arrows at McKenzie life-sized, foam three-dimensional targets.

The targets were of bear, deer, mountain lion and other wild animals.

"There was 14 targets and they were shot at twice from different distances, making 28 targets," Conner said.

At the conclusion of the competition, Conner calculated scores and crowned medal winners in six different classes.

In the men's open division, Tom Gonzales took the gold and Denton Cline the silver.

Jeremy Ulmer was first in men's release and Randy Morder was second.

Among those in the women's release division, Crystal Slaughter took home the gold medal and Cassie Poeling the silver.

Among the club's release shooters, for those under 14-years of age, Tanner Savage shot his way to first-place honors over runner-up Zack Ulmer.

Smokey Slaughter was first in men's traditional and Karmin Randall tops among the club's traditional archers.

For more information about range events, call TRSC Public Relations officer Charles Thompson at (928) 468-1521.

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