Against Extension Of The School Board Override



I would like to take this opportunity to express my concerns with the proposed override.

Some of us Paysonites are on a fixed income, and/or receiving minimum wages. In other words, we are barely making ends meet, especially with the present economic conditions -- bankruptcies of large corporations, such as banks, mortgages companies, foreclosures of real estate, increased gasoline prices, propane parent company now in bankruptcy, food prices increasing, especially with the floods in our country's agricultural states.

Property values have increased, however, now are on the decline, yet with foreclosures, values are an uncertain value. Of course our property taxes will be based upon appraised property values when the economy was better. We have the Town of Payson and the Gila County planning for growth, they are considering expansion of the courthouse, jails, services, YMCA coming in, parks and recreation plans, etc.

Part of the override is for insurance benefits for the teachers and support staff. What happened to the employer and the employee shares the cost of insurance benefits? Depending how many dependents the employee has, the cost is the employee's burden, not the village responsibility.

Does the district participate with other districts to spread the cost of the coverage? Numbers can give better coverage and reduce costs. Why not put vouchers on the ballot? Appears private schools do better with limited funding, plus better overall grades of the students.

We are becoming more and more a socialistic society. Why do all of the Payson residents have to pay for families who have children attending local schools? This is part of the village concept!

Toward the last of the year, communities were solicited for donations, a tax write-off for the Credit For Kids. These donations could be for specific plans/programs or for tuition of the indigent. These were solicited usually in August and December. Contributions could be made during the year I am sure. I wonder if the parents who have children in fine arts, music, athletics or other extracurricular activities participate in this program to assist their children and the school? Or let the village residents contribute mandatorily!

I am against the override issue as I think it is unfair and allows over spending in certain areas of the school's budget.

Thank you for your considerations.

David L. Tovar

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